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Pizza & Pedagogy, "How Teaching Empathy Changes the Class" (feat. Fred Talbott)

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Boatwright Library, 311
Boatwright Library
University of Richmond
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Last year, 200 UR undergraduates and MBA students discovered a great path to understanding: they launched The Empathy Project

They learned that empathy is often the missing link in professional and interpersonal communications. And that empathy, embraced and applied, prompts awareness, connection, focus, and understanding. And is a key factor in the development of engagement, appreciating the thoughts and lives of others, and wisdom. 

Visiting Lecturer Frederick Talbott will explore how key historic figures here and one international news story prompted The Empathy Project, and share a new direction in teaching, learning, and leading–one you can apply to your own classes, teams, and lives.

Since a variety of pizzas (including veggie), salad, beverages and desserts will be provided, please register using the provided link.

Contact: Michael Dixon, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology