Pizza and Pedagogy, "Reflective Practice" with Kate Cassada

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Carole Weinstein International Center, Commons
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Featuring Kate Cassada on "Reflective Practice". In the car, on a long run, with colleagues over lunch, even in the middle of a lesson - - - as instructors, it seems we naturally reflect on our own instructional practices. Intentional reflective practice can serve as a tool to guide us to improved teaching, and improved learning for our students. When we contemplate where we are now, where we have been, and where we hope to go, we grow in our chosen profession. 

Clear benefits emerge when we examine our teaching in a purposeful and systematic way. Instructors are able to make informed decisions when we collect evidence of our instructional effectiveness, reflect upon the evidence, and alter practices, accordingly. Intentional reflective practice matters.

Sharing successes, hurdles, and hopes with colleagues can build a culture of community and trust that leads to genuine growth. Let’s take time to share with each other. Join Kate Cassada, Associate Professor of Education, to examine the processes of reflective practice and explore strategies that promote learning for faculty and students.

Pizza, salad, dessert, and beverages included. Register today!

Contact: Mike Dixon, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology