Spiders for Spiders Training

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Jepson Hall, 120
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Spiders for Spiders is a student movement to end sexual violence in our community. Spiders for Spiders facilitates an interactive training that is intended to empower members of our student community to play an active role in ending sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking.  Participants will learn realistic methods of intervening before, during, and after incidents of violence occur as well as how to support friends. Participants will leave with information about campus and community resources and with concrete tools to help create a culture where violence is not tolerated and where everyone is expected to do their part to keep our community safe. Food will be provided. Register at bit.ly/SpidersForSpiders

Contact: Kaylin Tingle, Sexual Misconduct Prevention Educator, 804-289-8654