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What is Consulting?

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

THC Alice Haynes Room
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Many students consider the field of consulting, but few know exactly what being a consultant is because the term covers such a broad range of industries and is used loosely to describe a person who gives advice.

Companies and organizations hire consultants to help recommend solutions to a problem which is impacting its efficiency, profits or growth. Consultants provide an outside perspective, extra highly specialized or skilled employees, and a potential safe environment to work on challenging problems. Specialty areas may include but are not limited to: non-profits, government, banking, energy, education, human resources, information technology, health care, and management. 

Networking is extremely important to breaking into this field. Come meet representatives from a variety consulting firms. By attending this program, you will gain insight into the world of consulting and tips to understand a few of the different types—i.e. litigation, strategy, management, financial, operations, IT, E-consulting, and human capital/HR.

Prior alumni and employers attendees represented the following organizations:
- Avascent
- Berkeley Research Group
- Deloitte Consulting
- The Frontier Project
- FTI Consulting
- Toffler Associates
- Veris Consulting, Inc.