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Paradise Lost: Puerto Rico's Descent into Economic Collapse and Climate Devastation and Prospects for its Recovery

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Robins School of Business, Ukrop Auditorium
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In the aftermath of Hurricane María, Puerto Rico appeared in national news more frequently than at any time in its nearly 120-year history as a U.S. territory. Yet most Americans remain virtually unaware today of even basic facts concerning that relationship. What has been Puerto Rico’s importance to the United States over so many decades? What caused the island to descend into the biggest financial bankruptcy of any local government in U.S. history? Why did María produce unprecedented collapses of power and water systems and loss of life for the island’s 3.4 million island residents and massive flight to the mainland? None of these questions can be fully answered without a frank examination of why Puerto Rico has been—and continues to be—America’s biggest and most important colony.

For more than forty years, Juan González has been one of the nation’s best-known Latino journalists, activists and public intellectuals. A staff columnist for New York’s Daily Newsfrom 1987 until his retirement from the paper in 2016, he has also been co-host for the past twenty-two years of Democracy Now, a daily morning news show that airs on more than 1,400 public and community radio stations in the US and Latin America. He is currently the Edythe and Dean Dowling Professor of Communications and Public Policy at the Rutgers University School of Communication and Information.

This event is sponsored by the Engaged Learning and Teaching Spaces Faculty Learning Community and with the generous support from LALIS, and is free and open to the public.

Contact: Michele Mauney