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The Data and Culture Lecture Series: Constellations of Queer History: Radical Mapping and the Scale of Geospatial Big Data

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Wilton Center, Multifaith Room
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The Digital Humanities Faculty Learning Community welcomes Dr. Jack Gieseking, Assistant Professor of Public Humanities in the American Studies Program at Trinity College.

In The Practice of Everyday Life, de Certeau writes that "What the map cuts up, the story cuts across." But what if the everyday stories you seek are already cut up by centuries of structural inequality and oppression, such as those of lesbians and queer women? Further, does "not tiny" data ever qualify as big enough when marginalized people do not have the resources to produce, self-categorize, analyze, store, or map "big data"? In this talk, Gieseking explores what can be illuminated in the study of queer lives and spaces by bringing together the isolated but overlapping stories of lesbians and queer women in maps, from the hand-drawn to the most technologically advanced and interactive.