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South Africa Week: Bok Walk & Breakfast

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Named in honor of the springbok — South Africa’s national animal and rugby team mascot—the “Bok Walk” is the lively launch of South Africa Week, Richmond’s campus-wide celebration of International Education Week 2018.

Members of the campus community will gather at the University Forum for a festive procession to the International Center led by local African dance company Ezibu Muntu and various campus guests from South Africa. Walkers will be rewarded with a delicious continental breakfast and short program highlighting events and themes of South Africa Week in the International Commons.

And, don't forget to come in style! Walk participants are encouraged to wear festive accessories that celebrate South African arts and culture—socks, hats, or scarves with colors or patterns from the national flag, Springbok rugby gear, and/or patterned and colorful textiles.

From the Forum to the International Center

So why, exactly, is it called the springbok?