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Math and Computer Science Colloquium: Getting a PhD in Computer Science: Myths and Facts

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Robins School of Business, 114
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The Department of Math and Computer Science welcomes Evgenia Smirni from the College of William and Mary.

A PhD in Computer Science can open doors to incredible career opportunities in academia or industry, such as corporate university R&D jobs, faculty positions, hi-tech startups, and senior-level product development, to name a few. However, enrolling in a graduate program is an impactful decision with life-changing consequences, and as a result, must be taken with as much information as possible. In fact, CS juniors and seniors may have numerous questions regarding a Ph.D.: “Why should I get a Ph.D.?”, or “How will a Ph.D. help my career?”, or “Where should I get my Ph.D. from?", or "How are my Ph.D. studies going to be funded?" This talk is designed to especially answer such questions.

This talk will provide students with critical information on getting a graduate degree in CS, and the benefits of doing so at William & Mary. Smirni will describe what a CS PhD entails, and demystify the myths and facts about getting a Ph.D. She will also discuss the factors one must consider when selecting a Ph.D. program. She will then provide information on William & Mary (W&M), and specifically, the research strengths of the Computer Science department at W&M. Towards the end, students will have an idea on what it is like to get a Ph.D. in CS, and specifically, what it would be like to get a Ph.D. at W&M CS.