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Math and Computer Science Colloquium: Putting the Data in Data Science

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Jepson Hall, 109
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The Department of Math and Computer Science welcomes Dr. David Minmo from Cornell University.

One of the most powerful conceptual tools in computing is abstraction. If you can recognize a class of problems that all share the same form, you can apply the same solution over and over. But this same power is also dangerous. We are tempted to put all of our attention on algorithms and treat data sets as interchangeable. Minmo will describe several case studies in which small variations in input data can have surprisingly large impacts on the resulting outputs. He argues that data care -- far from being a trivial or menial task -- is often the most impactful part of a data science process.

Join us outside Jepson 212 at 4 pm for refreshments before the talk.