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Career Chat: Designing a Career in the Fashion Industry

2:30 PM - 3:15 PM

Queally Center Career Services, Suite 201
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Marissa Klein Kay, ’99, knows a little something about dreaming big. She built a career in beauty and fashion sales while simultaneously embracing her inner entrepreneur and starting a successful handmade and custom gift company in pre-social media days. Marissa was always the “matchmaker”- constantly connecting people, helping people, talking to people, and changing people. While promoting her namesake brand at one of her many trunk shows in NYC, she had an epiphany and perhaps her first large professional pivot: “why not bring these skills together and help others dream the way she always had?” Choice Fashion & Media, a fashion and media boutique staffing firm, was born. Come chat with Marissa and learn how to design a career in the fashion industry!

Marissa has been helping others to chase their dream jobs since 2005. She believes that while inherently we may have more “grown-up” realities, at the end of the day, we all just want to be able to do what we love and be genuinely happy doing it. After her daughters were born, Marissa wrote a children’s book series, The Dream Big Academy, which married her career and love of writing to teach children why we work and to always dream big. She and her business partner (& sister!), Jamie Klein Sztoser, have built a brand around helping others and good energy. In 2018, Marissa and Jamie launched their podcast, The Dreamcatchers, to raise their voices and reach a larger audience as career experts and motivational speakers. Known in their personal and professional worlds as light workers, igniters, and most of all, believers, Marissa and Jamie are not only dreamers, but they are doers, and their inspiring energy is contagious. They are your “go-to girls” for all things career…but they also know a little about a whole lot, from business to motherhood, work-life balance to the newest trends. They truly embody what it means to chase your dreams and build your dreams, so you can ultimately catch your dreams. Marissa is originally from Harrington Park, NJ and graduated from the University of Richmond with a degree in business. She spent many years in Manhattan and Hoboken before landing gracefully in Fair Haven, NJ (#beachburbia!) with her husband David, her two beautiful dreamers, Sienna and Summer, and her poodle Simba Rose. 

Career Chats offer the opportunity to learn from Spider alumni and friends of the University about career paths in a variety of industries and numerous topics relevant to *you*. These small virtual chats provide an intimate setting for you to hear about interesting paths taken by our hosts, ask questions regarding the industry in which they work and other post-grad experiences, and make meaningful connections with University of Richmond’s alumni network and beyond. Students of all class years and majors, in all stages of their career exploration, are welcome to participate.