Student Professional Development Series: What's it Like in Graduate School?

Jun 24
12:00 PM
C114, Gottwald

UR alum Justin Airas, '20, chemistry Ph.D student and Dean of Science fellow, returns to campus for a conversation about his experience in graduate school at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

When you ask someone what the first year of graduate school is like, the most common way they’ll dodge the question is by telling you: “don’t worry, it gets a whole lot easier afterwards.” Within the first year of your Ph.D. program, you’ll juggle some of the most difficult classes you’ve ever taken in your entire life, the responsibilities of managing your own students as a teaching assistant, and making the single most important decision of your entire graduate school career; picking a research advisor. Today we’ll talk all about what that experience is like, and just how much caffeine you’ll need to make it happen!

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"I started my research career in the Parish lab in my first spring at UR in 2017. My research focused on applications of the molecular dynamics method to biochemical problems. The unique undergraduate research opportunities offered at UR helped prepare me for the challenges to come. After graduating in 2020 and completing my post-baccalaureate research in 2021, I began pursuing my Ph.D. at MIT, where I currently conduct research applying machine learning to molecular dynamics in the Zhang lab. Currently, I am a rising second year computational chemistry Ph.D. student and Dean of Science Fellow."

This event is open to all students. Please join us!

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