[VIRTUAL] Stories from a Sober Homecoming, Sarah Clark Wood, PhD, PRS, W'90

Aug 24
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Virtual via Zoom

What if you received a call to return to campus? This mission requires you travel alone, leaving all comfort and security behind. Setting out you will receive few resources, a limited time frame, and should expect no promise of reward or glory. Along the way, you must awaken sleeping beasts, face long-avoided challenges, and overcome unforeseen realities too overwhelming to imagine or describe. The power to continue and survive this mission will depend upon your willingness to engage with unlikely allies, rely upon unproven assets, and create opportunities in moments of defeat. Only you can decide if you wish to accept this call, and in so doing, determine your ultimate outcome.

Join Alum Sarah Clark Wood, W’90 to hear about her return to campus after three decades away. She will share what she learned through two years of grant-funded work, focused upon creating UR’s first Collegiate Recovery Programming. Her experiences reveal the increasingly-complex substance use and mental health issues facing today’s students; systemic barriers to creating/accessing a caring and connected campus community; and why she believes, each of us, as ONE ALUMNI ALLY has the potential to make all the difference.

For more information about the Collegiate Recovery Program, visit https://healthpromotion.richmond.edu/alcohol-drugs/spider-support-recovery.html.

Tuesday, August 23
12 p.m. ET

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