Apr 26
All Day
University of Richmond

#URDenimDay2023 is on April 26, 2023.

Denim Day began after a ruling by the Italian Supreme Court where a rape conviction was overturned because the justices felt that since the survivor was wearing tight jeans, they must have helped the person who raped them remove the jeans, thereby implying consent. The following day, members of the Italian Parliament came to work wearing jeans in solidarity with the survivor.

Participate in Denim Day by wearing denim on April 26 and encouraging everyone in your department, organization, or group to do the same! Together we can show oUR community that Spiders Support Survivors and we don't tolerate victim blaming.

Post pictures of you, your organization, or your department in denim using #URDenimDay2023 and tagging @spiders_care on social media, or emailing ktingle@richmond.edu.

All posts will be entered into a raffle for denim totes and/or denim jackets!

Request "Ask Me Why I'm Wearing Denim Buttons" for yourself, your organization, or your department by completing the form at https://tinyurl.com/URDenimDay2023