Alexa Jourbin

Tucker-Boatwright Festival — "Cinematic Representations of East Asian American Women"

Feb 22 2024
12:00 PM - 11:15 PM
Humanities Commons, Humanities Building

A keynote lecture by Professor Alexa Alice Joubin, George Washington University

Using the three interlocking concepts of yellow peril, yellow fever, and techno-Orientalism, this illustrated keynote lecture reveals the manifestation of “yellow fever” in the depiction of Asian American women and suggests ways to identify tacit forms of misogynistic racism as well as strategies for inclusion.

Alexa Alice Joubin is the inaugural recipient of the bell hooks Legacy Award and holder of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award. The bell hooks Award is named after the late feminist writer, who unfortunately passed away during the pandemic. The bell hooks Award recognizes Alexa's achievements in “dismantling intersectional systems of oppression” through her “groundbreaking work that speaks to our moment in history and our hope for the future.” In 2018 she co-authored a book entitled Race (Routledge). In 2021, she wrote a book on Shakespeare and East Asia (Oxford University Press). The book examines adaptations on stage and on screen throughout East Asia, and uncovers an exciting history of cultural exchange. She has published 23 books on race, gender, cultural globalization, film, and theatre studies. She teaches at George Washington University, where she is professor of English; women's, gender, and sexuality studies; theatre; international affairs; and East Asian languages and literatures and the Co-director the Taiwan Education and Research Program. You can follow her work at

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