Department of History Berry Lecture

History: Thomas S. Berry Lecture in Economic History

Feb 28
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Breed Pavilion C, Queally Center

“Zone Fever and Anarcho-Capitalists: Rethinking the Recent History of the Global Economy”

Quinn Slobodian, Professor of International History, Boston University

We often hear that the Cold War's end ushered in a borderless era of globalization which has only recently faced a backlash in a return to the nation. What if this storyline is wrong? This talk introduces the category of the zone to show how globalization operated through fragmentation and the backlash does too. Putting on "zone glasses" allows us to see much of the current politics of the far right as an acceleration of dynamics within global capitalism rather than its moderation or rejection.

Sponsored by the Department of History.